Hello and welcome to my site. I’m B-A and like many of you, I try to be careful about what I put in my body. Unfortunately, such a lifestyle can be hard to maintain when surrounded by so many unhealthy eating choices.


About Me

I’d consider myself a health enthusiast, meaning I always have an eye open for ways to get/stay healthy. I’ve heard that it’s important to take care of your body when you’re young, so I try to heed that advice now while I’m still in my twenties. I don’t consider myself an expert on healthy eating (yet), but even I know that a diet of fast food and microwave lunches isn’t quite right. It just seems natural to favor foods that are, well, natural.


The Problem

The American food industry offers us plenty of foods and beverages with artificial components that have no business being in the human body (artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, etc). Constantly consuming this artificial material will eventually make people sick.

For example, the artificial color Yellow #5 is said to cause ADHD in children, and Blue #1 and #2 are said to cause cancer in animals. This means that many popular candies and juices with artificial colors are unfit for consumption, just to name a few things.


The Solution

Clean eating is the practice of eating food free of artificial components; it can be described as eating food that is as close to its natural state as possible. It entails eating food that is not laced with artificial colors, preservatives, etc.

Benefits of clean eating include:

  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Better mood
  • Easier weight maintenance


This site is dedicated to providing information on how to eat clean; what to embrace, what to avoid and other such things. I hope you find my content useful. Enjoy!

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