How to make Assorted, Organic Popsicles

Recipe Book

Popsicles have been a go-to snack for hot summer days. It’s easy to find a box at your local grocery store, but for a more creative, organic experience, you could make your own using natural ingredients.

To get started, you will need handles with which you hold the popsicle, and molds which determine the shape of the popsicle. You can buy pre-made sets of popsicle molds and handles as long as they’re non-toxic/BPA free/etc., or you can improvise using your own handles (typically toothpicks or tongue depressors) and molds (which can range from ice cube trays to yogurt cups to drinking glasses).

Here are some methods of preparing several flavors of popsicles:

Strawberry- Make strawberry popsicles by blending actual strawberries and (if desired) adding water and sugar. Alternatively, this recipe calls for lime juice for extra flavor.

Orange- You could simply freeze orange juice, or you could follow this recipe for orange creamsicles.

Lemon- Make lemon popsicles the same way you would make lemonade; mix lemon juice, water and sugar. You could add some lemon zest to the mixture also.

Cherry- Blend cherries with water and sugar, or follow this recipe that calls for apple juice and yogurt.

Grape- You can simply blend grapes into liquid and freeze them, but you could also add lemon and/or lime juice into the mixture for added flavor.

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